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March 27, 2017


Crutch Fall

We have all fallen. We will all fall again. And when we get up…we will fall countless more times if we are truly chasing the best version of ourselves. Life is a continuous progression of falling, but only you can decide whether to keep falling towards your dreams, or to stop falling in favor of comfort. Sometimes we take such a gnarly spill, it causes a stress aversion, which morphs into a crutch we continuously reference in order to avoid feeling the burn of the crash landing over again.

Every summit is the product of a thousand falls, some worse than others, but none irrecoverable. By allowing one fall to consume you, define you, and stifle you, you are inevitably creating a “Crutch Fall” by which every missed opportunity is justified, every chance at redemption is averted, and any semblance of unstable ground or treacherous terrain are circumvented with phrases like “I could have…” or “I would, but…”.

Cast the crutches of falls gone-by aside, and start seeing them as a necessary part of the process. It may seem as though your whole world just came crashing to the ground with you, and you are pinned beneath the rubble of unintended consequences; but the permanence of your new reality is based upon how quickly you are willing to take those first redeeming steps towards recovery with a renewed perspective. By focusing on the next step instead of the misstep, you will free yourself to enter the grind, uninhibited by the fear of the fall, and ready to take on the next one. – CPT Ryan

March 20, 2017


Just Say Yes

For most of us, ever since grade school we have heard the mantra “Just say no.” Although well intentioned, this phrase has a tendency to creep into other parts of our lives. Over time, the word “No” becomes associated with calculated decision making, smart life choices, and sound planning. While this may be true for some things, challenge and opportunity should never fall into that wheelhouse. “No”, in all its forms, can have the ability to morph into a diversionary pause button, robbing you of the chance to rise to the occasion throughout your life.

Think back to the chances and opportunities you have shied away from in the past all in the name of caution. Whether you said “No” because you felt it was too risky, or that maybe you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or physically fit enough, realize that justification is formulated in fiction. The fact of the matter is, those “No’s” are based in theory, which then cause the reality of stagnation, or worse yet, regret. While saying “Yes” may result in failure, failure is far more productive than a “No” resulting in a “What if?”

Start saying “Yes” to the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. Say “Yes” to stuff that is different, hard, random, and challenging. Say it when it flat out scares you, and even when it seems the probability of failure may outweigh the probability of success. The self-development will still be worth the grind. The road to success is paved by rising to the occasion, and rising to the occasion starts by placing your back against the wall and saying “Yes” to the challenge, adversity, or even the chaos. So “Just say yes”, and start showing the world, or more importantly, yourself, that you are game for it anytime, anyplace, because win, lose, or draw, you are going to kill the “What if’s” one “Yes” at a time. – CPT Ryan