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March 13, 2017


Starting Point

Point B. You want to get there from Point A as fast as you can. You see Point B as clear as day, and you know you have what it takes to make it your new reality. It’s on your mind day and night, it comes to life every time you close your eyes, and you want nothing more than to set off on your journey before it’s too late. Although having the audacity to tell the world where you intend to go is a key step in the progression of the grind, you will need to fully understand your Point A if you are ever going to have a chance to realize your Point B.
For as uncomfortable as Point B can make us, Point A may be even more unnerving. Point A is a cold, hard, brutally honest depiction of who you are in this moment, and what has occurred in order to get you here. It is what lies behind the façade we sometimes create around our image, which can consist of justification, conformity, and excuses. Point A can even become so intimidating, there will sometimes be a temptation to chase Point B just to avoid dealing with Point A altogether.
Chase Point B, but embrace Point A. Identifying where you are truly starting from is the only way to accurately map your accent to your goals, otherwise, every success and every failure will eventually lead you to miss your mark because they were experienced under false pretenses. So identify who you are, what you are, where you are, and why or how you got here. Don’t accept it, but identify it; then go out and rectify it with a clear and concise plan rooted in an honest depiction of what you need to do in order to relentlessly traverse the road less travelled. – CPT Ryan
March 8, 2017

Travel Essentials

Most people absolutely dread traveling. They get anxious about airports, lines, traffic, seats, getting sick, timing, delays, etc.

ME? Over the years I like to think I’ve become a travel guru. I’ve got my routine narrowed down to the bare essentials & rarely have trouble because that sense of anxiety is no longer with me.

Here’s a few of my MUST-HAVE travel items :

  1. Travel Aid – The TRAVELAID Immunity blend from LifeAid Beverage Co. delivers key vitamins & nutrients to help boost your immune system when you need it most. Vitamins A, C, and D, as well as Zinc, Echinachea, Astragalus & Valerian Root promote wellness & immune support. Chamomile & Lemon Balm help relax nerves while Ginger Root helps reduce stomach nausea. TRAVELAID
  2. Rodan + Fields Travel Packets – These convenient, single-use Micro-dermabrasion paste packets are a LIFE-SAVOR! Immediately after using, your skin will feel silky smooth and clear of dirt & grime. Once I hop off the plane, my immediate stop is to wash my face with one of these bad boys! R+F
  3. Sweat Stick – The Sweat Cosmetics twist brush + mineral foundation is super lightweight & withstands just about anything. The compactness of the brush makes it super easy to travel with and an easy touch-me-up in seconds with a quick twist! Sweat Cosmetics
  4. 2XU Recovery Tights – My 2XU recovery tights have been a game-changer while traveling! Not only are they light-weight, so you don’t have the dreaded “swamp-ass”, BUT, they’ve got super-secret stamping technology that helps direct blood flow to your leg muscles (aka no swollen cank-les!) 2XU Tights

Whether it’s for business, pleasure, world domination (you name it), we all leave our nests eventually. Either for a quick trip a few states over or perhaps half-way across the country, a few things remain unchanged…

  1. If you work out at a gym/box, you suddenly may not have access to your precious equipment.
  2. If you usually prepare your own meals, suddenly you don’t have a kitchen, fridge, tupperware, etc.
  3. If you’re used to a good nights sleep, suddenly you are in a new time zone/not your own bed 🙁

Luckily, these items can be combated with a few tips & tricks. The key to traveling is to try to stay as close to your normal routine as possible & when you just simply can’t, figure it the fuck out!

Use your travel time to introduce NEW training/exercises to your routines. If you generally smash heavy weights, your body could probably use a good jog or long session of stretching & lengthening the muscles. Instead of looking at your trip as an excuse to not workout whatsoever, try something different!

If you’re driving to your destination, good for you, you can put a little extra effort in on the front-end & have all your meals packed & ready to go! If you’re flying, unfortunately TSA is not a fan of our incessant tupperwares & smelly broccoli 🙂 In this case, it’s important for you to stay extremely hydrated – the salt/preservatives you’ll find in airport/plane food is excessive and can cause you to feel extremely bloated. Once you reach your destination, try to find a local market where you can grab some fresh fruit & veggies, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal and some peanut butter for your stay.

Though I don’t have a magic secret for beating a time-zone change, I can say that drinking plenty of water + meditating have done wonders for helping me to feel rested & adjust to new surroundings. Take at least 10 minutes each night to mediate before bed. Bonus: If possible, bring a mini bottle of lavender oil with you & place a few droplets in your pillows – this will help relax you after a long day of traveling & help you to fall asleep faster.