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January 6, 2017


How To Ride The Wave

Since I’ve been in the most creative light, working on writing my second book, I find myself digging deeper into quotes and/or thoughts that I come across on a daily basis. A few days ago, I read a quote that said “Your wave is coming.” It made me think…if you’re sitting still in the water, the wave will come up behind you, lifting you up to see the world from a different view…you feel a certain, unexplainable rush…but you don’t have enough momentum to ride that wave through. You may start to frantically paddle trying to catch up to the wave or you may just sulk, floating aimlessly, without direction. If we are going to “catch the wave”, we have to be moving FORWARD. We can never be certain where the wave is going to take us but if we are moving forward regardless, we have enough momentum to catch it when it does come.

From there, there is this beautiful (actually quite magical) balance of power. Yes, we are surfing it (or as I prefer – boogie-boarding it) to the best of our ability so that our bodies feel that we are in control – but, we can’t control how fast, how slow, whether it’s going to end, whether someone is going to get in our way, or how long we’re going to be able to ride it.

No matter what, whatever the ride, we are in a new space – where we can chose to sit still…..or catch the next one!

Christmas Abbott Paul Buceta

*Photo by Paul Buceta*

January 4, 2017


The Laws Of Attraction

The laws of attraction are quite simple & an age old premise. You attract what your mind thinks. The people, places, things, feelings, that enter your life are a direct reflection of what you think internally, in that big, beautiful brain of yours.

If you think people are not trustworthy, you will attract dishonest people. If you are focused on sickness, you will attract illness…and so on.

Everything you hold in your conscious becomes evident in your reality. It’s that simple & that complex all at the same time.

If you want to have a good life, to be at peace with yourself & your surroundings, you have to focus on the good. Thus, you will attract the good 🙂 And you have to do this for more than a week at a time. You can’t be positive pete for an entire week and turn into negative nelly the very next. Consistency is key. It’s how your brain operates, how you think on a daily basis – that’s how you change what magnates towards you.

This week, this year, for the rest of your life – try to see the good in people, see wealth, see health, focus on the beauty of everything in your life, not the ugly.

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