January 19, 2017

Find The Perfect FIT

I find that when it comes to fitness & my career in the field – people have two ways of thinking. They either think I am SOLELY a CrossFitter & that I have absolutely no idea how to do anything beyond that type of sport OR that I excel at every workout I’ve ever tried, whether it be yoga, running, martial arts, etc.

The truth is NEITHER of these are correct. I used to think that since I was in this realm of fitness I had to love every single type of workout I ever tried if I was to truly be considered an “athlete” or “fitness-er” of some sort. I’ve indulged in a smorgasbord of fitness endeavors in my time as an athlete – while some left me inspired & eager for more (CrossFit & Weightlifting), others left me demoralized & bored.

Exercise is not a one-style-fits-all proposition. Not every workout is suited or enjoyable for everyone. It seems logical but is an easy concept to throw out the window when your BFF swears up and down that pilates melted the pounds right off her body & you’re wondering if this is FINALLY the answer for you too. But if intense stretching & slow movement is not your thing, you aren’t going to stick with it no matter what your best friend says.

In my own life, I’ve definitely had my girlfriend preach about how fun & hardcore Zumba is. Naturally, as the hard-headed individual that I am, determined to prove I’m athletic in ANY arena, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, rhythmically I couldn’t keep up & this was a huge blow to my ego – so of course, I didn’t return to zumba for another ego-ass beating and that’s OK. Remember, for an exercise method to be sustainable it needs to please your body & mind + get you closer to achieving your goal & thus, these methods are different for EVERYBODY.

Take some time to try out a few different types of workouts & find your own perfect FIT!

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