My work is dedicated to helping you see that it's never too late to start loving and caring for your body, both physically and mentally. 

I want you to know that your so called "imperfections" are what makes you unique. You only get one body and you better freakin’ love it and take care of it. The best part is, it doesn’t have to fit any certain specific mold.

Together, we can create your happiest and healthiest life. 

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Growing up, I had a normal childhood and was always happy and active. However, this all changed when  my older sister and I were involved in a car accident. At the age of 13, I saw my sister fall into a coma due to the injuries from the accident.

I was left devastated and scared. I  started smoking and drinking every day as a way to blunt out reality. By the time I turned 15, I had developed a habit for these unhealthy activities. This lifestyle lasted for almost 10 years, until my 22nd birthday.

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes on a daily basis took its toll on my body, as well as my mental health. I was in terrible shape. I had almost a decade of really destroying my body. It was devastating to me. At 22 years old, I couldn’t run a mile and when I finished it, it took me a week to recover from the run. 

After  22, I decided to take a radical step towards changing my life for the better. I joined my mom and traveled to the Green Zone of Iraq as a civilian contractor. This was my  opportunity to get rid of alcohol and cigarettes once and for all.

My first month in Iraq was the worst. There was a conflict between the two opposing sides in Iraq near the camp where I was stationed. During this period, I learned a valuable lesson on the importance of health and life in general.

I started working out and running with other contractors, in pursuit of being healthy once again. Having adopted a new way of life, I worked hard to achieve my fitness goals. At the age of 26, I returned back to the USA.

After I returned back to the U.S, I took what I had learned overseas and started looking for other forms of physical exercise. It was at that point where I discovered CrossFit. Soon I “fell in love” with the challenges that CrossFit brought, and I became more involved with the sport each day. In 2007, I opened my own gym and started a personal training business. Over the years, I accomplished so many things from being the first woman on the NASCAR pit crew to my CrossFit strength records.

Now I use all that I have learned to help others achieve their very own fitness goals, and live each day the best way they possibly can.
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My personal routines for 2020 is unlike ANYTHING that I've done before!

I'm always asking myself, "how can I step into the NEXT best version of me?" And this program is the answer!  

I started sharing my personal routine with my private clients only, but then word spread and I became overwhelmed with the demand.

I decided that the best way to do so, was to take my exact 2020 fitness, nutrition, and mindset techniques for achieving a life of incredibleness and success, and create a program for the public that anyone and everyone could do. 

This unique and brand new program contains the same tools, routines, and guides that I use DAILY....and because this means so much to me, I decided we should do it TOGETHER! 

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